About Daniel

It seems like I’ve been on the road my whole life. Since my first taste of France at the age of 15, I’ve traveled in over two-dozen different countries, and lived, taught and worked in places as diverse as the Netherlands, Indonesia, and India. I hold a B.A. and Master’s degree in Philosophy and History from McGill University, which has given me the framework to interpret the travel experiences I convey in Choose Your Metaphor. In a way, the same curiosity propels both my travel and intellectual life into a broad range of settings and themes: I’m interested in everything from Vedic Phiosophy to modern physics to the meaning of South Park.

I’m very fortunate to be able to share these interests with students at Dawson College in Montreal, Canada, where I have taught for the past three years. My courses focus on comparative religion and humanities, and incorporate many elements from Choose Your Metaphor. I often use my own stories and photographs to illustrate and complement the texts I teach. My overall goal as a teacher and a writer is to show how the often complex ideas we find in religion, myth, and philosophy have a direct and concrete application to everyday life.

I’m also very blessed to have a loving partner, Giulia, who has supported and encouraged me in countless ways over the past four years. She is a tremendous inspiration, who provides the soil and fertilizer for much of my own growth. From September 2011 to August 2012, we traveled together to India, Nepal, and Peru, which provided the original material for this blog.