Evolving Into Love

Reflections just after our son was born on how love has the possibilites of elevating us above animalistic instincts into the next phase of evolution.

Naturally Spiritual

Old age and sickness can naturally bring out the ‘spiritual’ side of people, but so can parenthood. It doesn’t matter if you’ve consciously identified yourself as “on the path” or not: being a parent forces you to cultivate and apply the virutes that are emphasized in all spritual traditions.

Good Enough

Responding to Donald Winnicott line “a good parent is a good enough parent,” I discuss some of the relucatance and worries I had going into parenthood, worries if I could be the type of dad I wanted to be.

Reflections on Fatherhood

How having children brings us into contact with our own vulnerability and the vast mystery that underlies our existence.


An examination of fruit as a metaphor for what babies do to us: trick us by offering something sweet (smiles) into doing work that we wouldn’t otherwise be inclined to do (changing diapers).