End of the road, but not the end of the journey…

Back to Canada after a month in Peru, the last two weeks of which were an incredibly powerful and transformational time with a group of shamans in the rainforest, and…I can’t believe we pulled this off! Well, actually we just went along with it as it unfolded, but there were clearly benevolent forces at work, shepherding us along the way. For that, I send out my deepest prayers of gratitude. Thank you universe for helping beings like us, who want to become more aware of you, and express your loving nature.

Indeed, Giulia and I dived deeper into our love than I would have ever thought possible. I’m crazy in love with that girl, and I’m lucky enough that she will now be my wife (!). I feel like we gained a certain stability with each other, like there is some solid ground beneath our feet after dangling in the air. All that was need was for us to fall back, trust in each other, and be open to the Truth that needed to arise. There were plenty of moments where this sucked, when it was painful and we just wanted to run away. But as we learned, if we confront the difficult and painful with compassionate curiosity, we have the power to see the messages these situations bring. The darkness is there to bring out the light, but it can only do so if we see its generative power. We have to give it a chance to speak to us, instead of rushing to push it away.

Now the task is to integrate all this, to return to chopping wood and carrying water, to re-enter the market place with new wisdom, to live what we know in service of all beings. This is the final stage of the hero’s journey: to share the boons of our exploration with the community that gave us life.











I’ve been out there slaying dragons, meeting princesses, encountering angels, dying to an old nature and being reborn as a new man who is willing and ready to share whatever he can about this perilous journey into the labyrinth of the heart. I have gone forth seeking Truth, and found it in the most unexpected places, for it is in the nature of Truth to be modest and taciturn. It calls to us from a place deep within that Knows, but we must remove all the chatter and busyness that normally drowns it out. Its whisper can only be heard when we’re tuned in, and even then we loose it so easily by taking credit for it, for being proud of ourselves for being the sort of person who can hear. The truth of Truth is that we all have it, we all are it, and that no matter how far we run from it, we cannot escape its embrace. We can, however, seek to align ourselves with it, in order to manifest it more fully. This is hard, hard work since even after we see the genie, we want to put it back in the bottle after we realize what it’s asking of us.

This is why the journey never ends. It’s a constant process of growth and discovery. I’m excited to see what’s next, as I try to stay connected in perpetual prayer with that silent space within that is the source of all creation.

May my life become an expression of my deepest values.
May I always act in the most loving and compassionate way.
May I have patience with myself and others as we stumble on this path.
May I become more fully what I am, as a flower blossoms from a tiny seed.
May I cultivate the wisdom to be detached from all realizations and personal claims to experience.
May I always die the mini-deaths of separation, sleep, and loss with grace and nobility.
May I live an honourable and virtuous life amongst others who may be corrupted by the machine.
May I always have the courage to follow my convictions, to shine as a light to illuminate the light in others.
May I never loose track of the true source of all these blessings, and may i always remain in reverent gratitude for the Mystery that underlies all.

I’m back in Montreal Tuesday night… Can anyone help me move my stuff back on Wednesday? 🙂