Dear Milagrito,

I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am to finally meet you! IMG_8884

For the past four days, my heart has been melting continuously as I gaze upon your face. You are truly a milagrito, a little miracle, an old friend who I am meeting again for the first time. For a few days more, enjoy existing in the simplicity of being without having a name-label attached to you quite yet (although the Quebec government will fine us if we don’t decide within 30 days!).



Thank you for agreeing to be my teacher. You have already reminded me of the reality of impermanence. During your time in the womb, I was delighted to watch your mother grow rounder with every passing month, and there was part of me who wished that she would remain so radiant forever. Now I look at how innocent and adorable you are and I think the same thing.


You will see that part of being human is wanting to attach yourself to times like these, when everything feels so perfect and beautiful. But you will also see that Life herself has a wisdom far greater than our tiny will and preferences. She sweeps aside the old to make room for the new (jai Kali!); she brings forth new forms out of the ashes of the old. Fortunately for all of us, things keep changing.



Thank you as well for agreeing to stay here on earth, as there are surely many other worlds in this universe with beings far more advanced than we humans. Here, we’re still in our infancy as a species, acting out in immature ways, struggling to come to terms with the grandeur of this existence. Our species still has not yet transcended the tribal mentality that our ancestors relied upon to survive, and all the aggression that comes along with that.

The day of your birth, hundreds of people in Syria died at the hands of others in horrific ways because they belonged to the “wrong team.” After witnessing what a mother must go through to give birth, I find it unconscionable that anyone could treat a human life with such callousness. By and large, this is a world still governed by fear:

There are, however, an increasing number of individuals awakening to a larger awareness of who they really are, and the love that underlies all created things. More and more of us understand that we are here to deepen the universe’s understanding of itself, and to serve it in such a way as to expand its expression through all forms of life. We do this by cultivating openness and trust in ourselves, in each other, and in the basic underlying intelligence of the universe.


This is an exciting time to be here, since we are beginning to transcend the religious institutions of our ancestors that were based on fear, exclusion, power, and control. It is no longer feasible to cling to a vision of God as a comic parent up above in the heavens. No longer can we reasonably accept that there is only one true religion, whose followers are saved as a result of others being damned. No longer can we see ourselves as holding a unique, special, or privileged place in the universe.



Instead, we are beginning to see that we are only one form of life among trillions. This earth is only one world among trillions. While many people have reacted to these revelations by retreating into structures of certainty (out of fear!), others have used these findings as an invitation to humility.

We are beginning to touch the fact that we are part of something that is inconceivably vast and mysterious in every way.  Our word for that vastness is ‘God’, but even God is far too small of an idea to truly capture what that word is trying to point to.

When we glimpse what God is, and we know that we are indeed an expression of It, we realize how profoundly lucky we are to be born in such a form that can not only be aware of It, but also consciously evolve with It to unlock the latent potential It has.

And this is where you come in, little one. IMG_8954When your mother and I created you, we did so with the strongest and clearest of intentions. We invited you to descend from the unmanifest realm into the denseness and heaviness of physical reality to take up residence in her belly so that you would have the potential to be a servant of Truth, Love, and Virtue in this world. We chanted to all the disembodied Bodhisattvas looking for a home in the hopes that one would be willing to undergo the pain of birth, illness, old age, and death once again and grace us with his/her presence.

And that little smile you gave me when I first held you confirmed for me that our prayers had been answered.

I’m excited to give you the chance to witness the mystery of life. Past beings have been kind enough to pass along this wonderful gift of being an openness onto the Mystery, and now you are the next recipient of it. We can only pass down to you what has been passed down to us, and fortunately for all of us, there is love and wonder in this family. We will undoubtedly pass down neurotic tendencies to you, but we will also pass down the tools with which to deal with this, as well as the conviction that it can be done.

You have come here to work with us, to teach us how to deepen the love we have within ourselves so that we may share it with others. I hope that this “love feedback cycle” will make itself stronger and stronger with each passing moment.

May you always have the courage to plumb the depths of inner and outer realities. May you never be afraid to make mistakes. May you be part of those who walk in the light, who seek to serve a higher consciousness, who embody love and thus open up new dimensions of themselves and others. May you take all the gifts that will be given to you and multiply them for the benefit of others!

You are a Buddha. The question remains, however, what kind of a Buddha you will be.

Hari Om, Milagrito!

Your loving Papacito