This body you think is yours is a loner

A vehicle you’re temporarily occupying


You are a hitchhiker who’s come along for the ride


to understand and enjoy yourself through the fabric of space and time.



Don’t get too attached

for the day is coming when you will be forcibly ejected


Don’t get too attached

But also don’t forget to remember that you’ve come along for this ride

so your non-essential essence can move and express itself

to learn what it doesn’t need to learn.

To observe Itself through the broken shards

that reflect Its light in so many different ways


Be patient, be kind to those sharing this trip with you

Don’t cut them off

Give them thank you waves…

they’re trying to make it home just like you

There are signs posted all along the ego highway for the path of truth and love

It’s a scenic byway that not everyone has time to take


If you miss this exit, don’t worry

there will be others


Hidden in your next breath is the golden chance

the opportunity you’ve been waiting lifetimes for


to know yourself and act accordingly


Find the calm in the storm

the witness that observes the drama of being cut off

and the fears of all the ways this journey could end


The unborn, the unformed

out of which all birth and form emerge:

This the only thing you can count on

since it shows you that there is nothing to count on



Wanting something to count on is just playing the same game in a new way

the same delusions of permanence and stability in the guise of moving away from all that


What’s the point of trying to communicate this?

These words cannot but spoil what they want to express


I can’t help it, I suppose

They slide off my heart like aimless arrows

hoping to find their target


Ejecting themselves like cannonballs into the world

crying out to be heard

to be received by an inner ear

capable of heeding their cry:


go beyond

go back to where you came

to the place you never left



the womb-cave out of which you’re crawling in each and every moment

Dear hitchhiker

you’ll find your way home

only when you can taste the fire in each breath

and the flakes of stardust in your morning coffee