I’m watching an old hockey game on television, when suddenly I find myself in the Montreal Canadians locker room. I notice Guy Lafleur among the players and realize that I must have gone back in time. As they’re busy smoking cigarettes and chastising each other for missed plays, I decide to rent a pair of skates at the counter just beside me. When I look over the skates, I immediately notice that they have the name, phone number, and address of the person who had placed these skates here to rent out for money.

An old man looks at me and remarks how strange it is that our society has such a strong sense of ownership and possession. “I heard that it’s different in the east”, he says.

I respond, “I think it’s because in the Orient, they understand that contained within the possibility of the existence of these skates, is their non-existence. And contained within the non-existence of these skates, is their existence.”

His eyes light up. “That an amazing idea! Why don’t you go out and share that with the world.”

With an unshakable firmness, I say, “That’s exactly what I’m planning on doing,” and point over to Joseph Campbell, who’s standing next to Lafleur. “That’s what he did, and he’s my inspiration to do it in my own way.”

I had this dream about two months ago, and it seemed to me the perfect way to introduce my website and blog, which has been years in the making. I’ve been mulling over some ideas like the one in my dream for awhile, and I’m now at a point now where I’d like to start communicating some of them. It coincides perfectly with the start of a new voyage- along with my loving partner Giulia, I’m off to Auroville,India on Sept. 2. My goal is to find a balance between keeping you informed of all the new inspiration we’ll be receiving while there, along with sharing all the writing I’ve done over the past years.

Please subscribe to the blog and share it with whoever you think might be interested. I was shocked and humbled when I visited Israel a few years ago and found that my group emails had been forwarded to dozens of people who knew me even before my friends introduced me.

It’s going to be a fun ride- happy to have you along for it!