If we only knew…

How to take a step back from being absorbed in what seems so important

How to expand our perspective into a space that’s uncomfortable, how to peer behind the veil that hides the Nothing out of which we are born and into which we die

How to listen to the sound of our hearts, and hear the drumbeat of the universe perpetually creating us anew

How to hear the wind that blows through the trees and rushes over our lips as part of the same process

How the seasons speak to us of the importance of rest, regeneration, and cycles

How to see through the illusion of time, and perceive all moments as part of one, interconnected now

How to see challenge as an opportunity, and difficulty calling forth something we did not know we had in us

How to feel the grace present in each moment, each person, each situation

How to dance properly, and give ourselves over to the wiggles and jiggles of live moving through us

How to have a good cry from time to time

How to question the faith we’ve put in our minds, and see that the it has created a magnificent world that’s completely uninhabitable

How to be at home in not-knowing, and understand what Socrates meant by knowing that he didn’t know

How to trust that this earth has more than enough to provide for all, and stop that frantic, systematic hording that condemns thousands to death and prevents millions more from realizing their potential

How to see our judgments of the world as projections of what we don’t like about ourselves, and thus learn to see the perfection inherent in everything

How to teach our children how to think instead of what to think

How to feel the pleasures of getting our hands dirty while working with the earth, and feel the body of our true mother

How to handle money while understanding that it’s not really ours, only energy temporarily passing through our hands

How to live a life in accordance with what we already know, that what’s really important is not how much stuff we have, but the quality of our relationships

If we only knew…

that all this ‘wisdom’ is so simple, that we all already know it, and that it’s just a matter of remembering.


What do you think?