(apologies for the previous posting I put up in error: this was the one I had intended)

I’m delighted to announce that starting Monday, April 15, I will be re-launching a new and improved version of the Choose Your Metaphor blog.

I’m also delighted that I will finally be able to offer my book to you beginning on May 25th (in e-format only; paper copies will be ready by August 1). This will coincide with the talk I’ll be giving at TEDx Dawson that day.

What’s different?

1) Shorter posts. My goal is to offer the same depth of thought, but in a more consumable format. I’ll be posting once a week, and I want you to be able to read these posts comfortably on your iphone in the bus.

2) One theme developed over time. I’ll be exploring each topic anywhere between two and five weeks, to allow each idea to sink in. I’ll also be inviting you to share your ideas

3) Video posts. Collaborating with a former student, I’ve created short video introductions to each theme. These will serve as compliments to the writing.

4) Facebook and Twitter. I’ve joined the digital age and created a facebook page for the Choose Your Metaphor project. Check it out (there are a lot of photos on it) and be sure to subscribe:

I’ll also be communicating through tweets.  Follow me on twitter: @mettaforyou

I’m delighted to share the next phase of the journey with you!