In 2011-12, I spent a year in India and Nepal. Below are the posts from this trip:

End of the Road
Reflections on the end of the trip. Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey.

Obstacles Are the Path
How can the things we think we need to eliminate actually aid our spiritual growth?

A description of the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Dharmsala that encourage us to focus on cultivating compassion.

Such Are the Mysteries
Meditations on the idea that we cannot do anything so wrong that we are not loved.

Questioning Rebirth
A critical exploration of the dangers of how rebirth can be used as a threat. Is it really dissimilar to ideas of heaven and hell?

Walking ‘Round the Stupa
Daily life in Kathmandu’s Tibetan neighborhood.

Valleys Matter!
A trek through the Nepali Himalaya shows me that the peaks need valleys, and how to apply this to the spiritual path.

An Abrahamic Moment
Oh, how the universe can play with you when you don’t even know it

Get Thee to a Nunnery!
Reflections on the sacred feminine and how applying loving-kindness and acceptance is an integral part of the path.

180 Days
Summing up six months in India; one final Amma story.

India Photo Essay

Daily Life
A journal of the daily routine at the Amma ashram.

Devotion, Gratitude, Humility
Exploring the guru-disciple relationship with Amma.

Back to Mother
Stumbling upon a chance quote leads me to miss my flight and return to the Amma ashram.

Oh, Divine Mother!
A poetic exploration of the devotional path.

My first impressions of the guru…little did I know my four days would turn into two months!

Fear and Love
In the leprosy community of Anandwan, I see the dynamic interplay between fear and love.

Coming to the Edge
Outward limits, inward limits: seeing how serving in Anandwan brings me to many of the same places I explore on the meditation cushion.

Alter of the Heart
Learning how to offer up all that arises in meditation.

What is the Path?
What do we really mean by the spiritual path? It’s just an idea.

Working in the Auroville community of Sadhana Forest and reflecting on how reforesting eroded land is a good metaphor for spiritual work.

Maitre Banyon
Giulia’s beautiful piece (in French) about the tree at the center of the Auroville community.

If We Only Knew
We often teach what we need to learn…

Inspiration vs. Ambition
What’s the difference?

Vote Eggplant!
A humorous look at Indian “democracy.”

Digging Deeper
The Auroville environment sends my inner explorations into fast-forward.

Working at the Buddha Garden in Auroville, seeing how weeding is a metaphor for the path.

Where there are ants, watch out!
Arriving in India only to find…a huge colony of ants in our house.




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August 3, 2014

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