Dear Traveler,

Welcome to earth! Happy you could make it.


Like all destinations, earth has its fair share of attractions and dangers that you should be aware of.

Featured experience of this lifetime:


Past travelers have reported deep feelings of satisfaction, peace, and wonder while encountering love. Do make sure to give it a shot!

Keep in mind, though, that love is not yours to command or control. To remain open you’ll need to watch out for:

1. Fear


– the primary hindrance on earth! Fear is a fog that clouds your decisions and cuts you off from true living. In fact, every decision and emotion is rooted in either love or fear- sorry about that, but those are your only choices!

When you let go of fear, the truth will appear (so simple and clear!)

2. Attachment and desire

– closely related to fear, and oh, these are tricky! BuddhistSquirrel

The Buddha identified these as the cause of suffering. Great! But watch out that you don’t become attached to your non-attachment.  Desire is part of the game, even the desire to go beyond desire.

*We advise all visitors to exercise caution when traveling in these areas*

Are you ok with looking at the infinite nature of what you truly are from the standpoint of the finite?

(you might get caught up in the drama of thinking that your personality is really you– watch out!)

Some travelers report wrestling and struggling with the mystery of why they arrived on earth. If this happens to you


This is a perfectly natural and normal response to the fact that your life and death are not really yours! You didn’t choose when this trip began and you won’t choose when it ends. Sorry, but that’s the price of admission!

Tips for an enjoyable stay:

– Remember that you can never find the center of an onion, especially if it’s the size of the cosmos.


To remain open in the face of the unknown: this is the deepest and fullest expression of your humanity.

Wrestling with questions larger than yourself is actually a precious gift. In the immensity of space and time, it is very rare and special to be stupefied by the mystery of why something exists instead of nothing .

Further Advisories in This Moment:

We have heard reports that earth is full of various systems called “religion” that tempt people to surrender their critical faculties in exchange for the feeling of possessing the Truth.

Do not forget that all religions are human creations!

(Be careful of the desire to belong to the “winning team.”)

Religion should take you beyond the need for religion.

(But by all means, use it as a raft to cross the river of ignorance!)

“We pray to God to be free of God” – Meister Eckhart


Oh Divine Father/Mother, may You remove all our obstacles, including our idea of You!

Final advice: Be weary of drug dealers, car salesmen, and anyone who claims to know the Truth.

Who really has the answers?

Revel instead in the questions that arise on this floating rock ball, made of stardust!